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RTÉ Lifestyle

Head of Lifestyle: Grainne McAleer

Executive Producer: Teresa Smith

Updated: Friday 01st April 2016


Development Round

Lifestyle would like to fund the development of a number of series that have the potential to air in mid-week 20.30 and Sunday 20.30 slots.

Our recent productions include What Are You Eating, You Should Really See a Doctor and Home of the Year. We are also in production with an Obs doc property series called Find Me a Home and a personal finance series called My Money and Me.

In order to keep refreshing our pipeline and our talent pool, we need formats and talent that speak to a broad mainstream audience and that work at 25 minutes. Recent research conducted by B&A for RTE has shown that Personal Finance, The Future of Our Children and Property remain areas of preoccupation with our audience but the research has also shown that the public are more wary than ever of 'finger-wagging' and judgemental presenters. Other recent trends to take note of is the public's willingness to embrace pure escapism in programmes like The Shelbourne and indeed the reception of nostalgic series like Back in Time for Dinner and The Great British Bake-Off on BBC2. We have yet to successfully mine this seam and ideas that tap into it would be very welcome. Humour, nostalgia and glamour are all ingredients that we could take more of.

We need to find new ways of developing our content for the current generation of viewers and of tapping into what really matter to them. To this end we have assigned development finance €2-5k depending on the project and resources to hone and shape a number of ideas which could be produced for early 2017.

We ask, in the first instance, that producers submit ideas into the eCommissioning system:
under the programme category "Lifestyle Development 2017"

Strict Deadline - Friday 13th May at 12 noon


Format Farm

We are always looking for ideas that can be developed or commissioned for Format Farm. For more information on Format Farm please click here


Please note:

The discussion of, or initial interest in, a proposal does not represent a commitment to commission by RTÉ and should not be understood as such. Commissioning decisions will reflect the quality of proposals received and the scheduling priorities operating at the time. RTÉ's financial position will also be a factor.

Any proposals previously submitted to RTÉ in categories listed here, and which were rejected on a first reading in a previous Round, should not be re-submitted and will not be reconsidered.

*Please note budget ranges are indicative only, and proposals that can achieve lower costs per hour will be particularly attractive'.


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