Remember that in order to submit programme proposals or ideas to RTÉ eCommissioning, you will need to register first with RTÉ.

What you need to register as a supplier:

It would be useful to have the following information to hand to assist you with registration to the system:

  • company name
  • company address
  • company email address
  • company phone number
  • company fax number
  • your mobile number
  • list of key company contacts and phone numbers,
    e.g. producers / production accountant etc, etc
  • company profile, i.e. information about your company's relevant history and experience where you can tell us about your work to date
  • the name of an authorised administrator in your company who will keep your account information up to date
  • the names of any additional users in your company who require access to the system
    (N.B. any additional users in your company will be managed by your account administrator)

All independent producers / companies should register on the RTÉ
eCommissioning system under the name in which they will be making their programme submissions or ideas.

Please note that when you submit your registration request to RTÉ eCommissioning that you should receive an acknowledgement return email from RTÉ. If for some reason you don't receive a response from RTÉ, please contact RTÉ Independent Productions for further details.

To proceed to register to RTÉ eCommissioning, go to the drop-down menu on the RTÉ eCommissioning webpage and click on "Login to eCommissioning".

RTÉ's Terms and Conditions.doc and A Guide to Registering as a Supplier (Powerpoint) and an Adobe Acrobat version of the same document, are available to download.

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Terms & Conditions