The on-air promotion of programmes is very important to their success and to the image of RTÉ.

Material being supplied to RTÉ for programme promotion should arrive at the Promotions Unit at least three weeks before the transmission date of the programme.

Material should be supplied on Digi beta (at the Independent Producers cost) The box and tape should be clearly marked up with the programme details including series and episode number and where possible the date of programme transmission should be indicated as well as the format of the material, anamorphic 16:9.

If supplying an unfinished programme, it is very important that opening titles and music are included in the material sent.

Normally, RTÉ requires around ten minutes of programme highlights for promotional purposes. This should include main themes, characters and developments with the best visuals, star names and programmes high points. Please supply as much written information as possible with the material, giving the background and main points of the programme.

It is essential that the Promotions Unit are advised of any legal obligation with regard to programme content, especially if this contractually applies to people and or companies used in the programme concerned.

Where there is an arrangement in place with the Promotions Department where a 30 second promotion bed is supplied, this should be free of any graphics in the lower third of the screen (and should not include day or tx times, these will be added by Promos Unit where applicable). The audio should not be mixed. If you have an agreement to supply a voice over this should be on a separate track with two versions - one referring to the day of the transmission and the second referring to tonight eg 'Wednesday at 7 on RTÉ ONE' and 'Tonight at 7 on RTÉ ONE'. Please check the day and time of transmission with Orlaith Buckley in Independent Productions before recording. In addition to the bed you must supply three five second shots which encapsulate the theme of your programme for use in the endboard of the promotion. RTÉ reserves the right to request additional material where it deems it necessary. RTÉ reserves the right to final approval of any promotion not made by the RTÉ Promotion Department.

Where a sponsor is involved in a programme or series, there must be strict adherence to previously agreed guidelines regarding on-screen sponsor credits in promotional material and the promo must be approved by both RTÉ Promotions Unit and the RTÉ Sponsorship Executive. Sponsors logos will be added by RTÉ Promotions Department, they must not be added to end shots by programmes supplying their own promotions.

There are specific guidelines with regard to the compliance of Promotions. These are often different to the rules regarding the programme which the promotion represents. Please contact Orlaith Buckley for further information on compliance.

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