Kevin Dawson
Commissioning Editor
Factual Programming

James Joyce suggested that the Dublin of 1904 could be recreated from the pages of Ulysses. It shouldn't be stretching a comparison to say that the Ireland of the present day should be captured in our Factual output, comprehensively and in engaging, stimulating and even compelling form. 

Our Arts programming should engage with, reflect, celebrate and challenge important creative talent and performance present and past. Our History programmes should supply the present audience with an understanding of key episodes and strands of national experience from both the recent and more distant past. And popular documentaries both in single and series form must observe, investigate and narrate every aspect of life that has compelling stories to yield.

Our programmes should capture change and continuity, tension and joy, substance and surface gloss, and should range in subject choice across the broad spectrum between Entertainment and Current Affairs. The view of Ireland and the world offered to our viewers should be accurate enough to be recognisable and trusted; but the angles, perspectives and insights provided should be full of surprises and reward.

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