The giving of screen credits is an integral part of the production process, so it is desirable that appropriate care is always taken to guarantee fairness and consistency, and to maintain high production values generally. RTÉ seeks to ensure that adequate screen credit is given to those involved creatively in the production of programmes which it screens, including those who, by law, have the right to identification as author or director. RTÉ is also concerned that the best and most effective use is made of valuable screen time, and that this time is not wasted by overlong or over-elaborate credit sequences. As long as they are in compliance with the provisions of these Credits Specifications, the actual choice and layout of credits is seen by RTÉ as a matter for the producer.

Much of the detail of these Credits Specifications has to do with the nature and positioning of major credits at the beginnings and endings of credit sequences, and a certain complexity also results from RTÉ's requirement to clearly agree all forms of funding (including reciprocal and indirect arrangements) together with all consequent on-screen credits, in its commissioned programming. In this respect, the submission by producer/suppliers of credits details for prior approval by RTÉ (as specified in 6, (vi) below) will simplify the process in most cases.

Please Note: In all cases, and as stipulated in the contract, the producer/supplier will undertake to deliver to RTÉ, before end credits are added to a programme, a completed list of credits for approval by RTÉ. In the case of series programmes in which only small credit details will vary from programme to programme, RTÉ may agree to facilitate the producer/supplier by requiring only a single, fully-representative sample list of credits for prior approval. Please note that this last facility excludes all circumstances in which any changes are made to: key credits, such as those incorporating or involving credit to RTÉ, co-financiers, co-producers, production companies, distributors, sponsors and charities; the Copyright Notice; and any credits or words connected with 'thank yous', dedications, statements, humourous mentions, remarks or allusions etc.

OBs, studios, post-production facilities and suppliers of single-camera units and other film or broadcast equipment should not be credited, unless otherwise agreed in writing by RTÉ. Thus, for example, editing and post-production credits should be assigned to the film/video editor and sound dubbing supervisor rather than to a facility or facilities house.

These Credits Guidelines are subject to the Guidelines for RTÉ's Policy on Sponsorship of Programmes, as may be drawn up and amended from time to time.

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