Zeppelin invasion in England
Searchlights are kept going all night across London looking for hostile aircraft. Skysigns and other brilliant illuminations from below are prohibited. Photo: Irish Life, 18 September 1914. Full collection of Irish Life available in the National Library of Ireland.

Zeppelin invasion in England

Published: 10 September 1914

England may have reason to fear a zeppelin invasion after a German-American correspondent has reported that the Germans are eager to use their newly built zeppelins before the winter months prevent them.

The correspondent visited Krupps’ factory in Essen and reported that all departments are working day and night turning out new guns and sub-structures. All workmen at the firm have been excused from military service and thousands of new workmen have been engaged.

New zeppelins with numerous improvements are also under construction and some are nearly completed. He heard much talk of new big guns which, it was declared, could easily throw shells from Calais to Dover, and of the intention of the Germans to occupy Calais, and thence to carry out, under the protection of these huge weapons, a zeppelin invasion of England. With this end in view it was intended, he was told, to waste no time on the siege of Paris. 

For the zeppelin’s he reported that time was running out to make full use of them as they cannot be used in the winter months. Therefore the entire German railway system would be closed to the general public in order to transport the new weapons and zeppelins to the army corps.

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