What is Belgium’s destiny?
The city of Dinant, south-east of Brussels suffered heavy shelling when the Germans attacked in August. Photo: Illustrated London News, [London, England], 19 September 1914

What is Belgium’s destiny?

Published: 27 September 1914

The Irish Times today questioned what the destiny of Belgium will be in the long term. The Germans have occupied the country since the end of August. The correspondent writes that some think the Germans will depart of their own accord, having been so badly beaten by the Allied Armies in France that their position will become untenable.

Others take the contrary view, suggesting the Germans will not quit without putting everybody and everything to fire and sword as they retreat.

The aftermath of the shelling of Dinant and a bridge blown up in self-defence by the Belgiums. (Image: Illustrated London News, [London, England], 19 September 1914)

Many cities throughout Belgium, like Dinant, pictured above, now lie in ruins and their populations have suffered greatly. 

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