Wagons loaded with stolen goods
The scenes after the Germans occupied Chateau of Mondement for one night. The cellars were raided and empty bottles strewn everywhere. Photo: Irish Life, 16 October 1914. Full collection of Irish Life available from the National Library of Ireland.

Wagons loaded with stolen goods

Published: 14 October 1914

The Weekly Irish Times reports that many German soldiers in France have been engaging in criminal activity as they make their way through the country.

The German troops who occupied Compiègne are said to have had wagons which were solely used to store and transport precious articles stolen by soldiers and non-commissioned officers from houses in the town.

Also, when the Germans left, they flew the Red Cross symbol over the wagons, one of which was laden with bottles of champagne. On a number of occasions, they are also reported to have worn the armlet of the medical services.

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