Russian victory against Austrians
Tsar blessing Russian soldiers before battle. Photo: Irish Life, 7 August 1914. Full collection of Irish Life available in the National Library of Ireland.

Russian victory against Austrians

Published: 2 September 1914

Reports from the Official Press Bureau announce that the Russians have routed four Austrian Army Corps near Lemberg, inflicting enormous losses and capturing 150 guns.

The following communiqué has been issued by general staff:

‘After a battle lasting seven days the Russian army seized some heavily fortified positions at Lemberg. After a heavily contested battle yesterday the Austrians were forced to retreat in disorder, leaving behind them heavy and lights guns, entire artillery parks and field kitchens. Our advance guard and cavalry pursued the enemy who sustained enormous losses.

The Austrian army operating around Lemberg was composed of Third, Eleventh and Fourteenth Army Corps. This army appears to have been completely defeated during the pursuit. Our troops are moving on the roads encumbered with artillery parks and convoys loaded with provisions of every kind.’

A Press Association War Special reports that the Russians say they are as dogged as the British and are putting their whole force into the contest. They do not admit the possibility of an ultimate defeat. 

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