Recipes for wives and maids: Fish fritters
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Recipes for wives and maids: Fish fritters

Published: 12 September 1914


¾ of a pound of fish
Boiled mashed potatoes
Anchovy essence
2 eggs
Boiling fat

To finish:

Sprigs of parsley


Take three-quarters of a pound of fish, remove all the skin and bone, add some quantity of boiled mashed potatoes (cold), place together in a basin with a seasoning of salt and a little anchovy essence.

Put in the yolks of two fresh eggs and mix all together well. Then beat the whites of eggs stiffly, and add to the other ingredients.

Have ready a pan of boiling fat, and drop spoonfuls of the mixture into it and fry to a light brown.

Garnish with sprigs of parsley.


Recipe orignally appeared in the Irish Independent.

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