Earl of Fingall resigns as Inspector of Meath Volunteers
The Earl of Fingall who resigned from his post as Inspector of the Meath Volunteers Photo: Irish Life, 31 August 1914. Full collection of Irish Life available in the National Library of Ireland.

Earl of Fingall resigns as Inspector of Meath Volunteers

Published: 31 August 1914

Earl of Fingall has announced his resignation today as Inspector of the Meath Volunteers. His reasons for resignation include the power structure in the Meath Volunteers, he writes in a letter to the Inspector-General of the Irish Voluteers: ‘I have been received by the County Board with the friendliest of feelings which I heartily reciprocate. But my duties have never been defined and I have been forced to the conclusion that I am a fifth wheel to the coach.’

His other reason for resignation is the Volunteers failure to join the war effort, he writes ‘The best way to defend the rights and liberties of Ireland at the moment is to induce every man willing to serve to join Lord Kitchener’s army.’ He continues by saying the Volunteers need to come under the War Office in order to adequately protect Ireland from invasion. In his opinion these are issues the National Volunteer Force are greatly divided over.

‘You will, I am sure, believe that I am anxious to serve my country at this time and that I would greatly have preferred to do so with the Volunteers. It is with genuine regret that I find I have no opportunity of real service in the position to which you appointed me.’

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