Dublin loses out on TB treatment

Published: 6 October 1913

Under this year’s budget, Parliament set aside money so that major municipalities could build institutions for the treatment of tuberculosis. The Treasury has decided to grant money to Cork and Belfast for the building of such facilities, but will not provide any funds for Dublin. Dublin Corporation has written to the Treasury demanding that this situation be rectified, stating that ‘Dublin should be treated on a proper, and certainly not lower scale than Belfast or Cork’.

The Corporation believes it is being unfairly punished for moving against tuberculosis a number of years ago when it spent money on building a sanatorium and granting money to bodies treating tuberculosis patients. It argues that while Dublin made a move against the disease a number of years ago, neither Belfast nor Cork did, and that they are now being rewarded with this funding from the Treasury, while Dublin, which still has a considerable incidence of the disease and a much higher population is being given nothing from central funds.

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