Britain declares war on Austria
Austrian Ambassador Count Albert Mensdorff-Pouilly leaving his office after the declaration of war. Photo: Irish Life, 21 August 1914. Full collection of Irish Life available in the National Library of Ireland.

Britain declares war on Austria

Published: 12 August 1914

Britain has officially declared war on Austria. The declaration followed a request from the French government to the British government to communicate to the Austrian-Hungarian Ambassador a declaration indicating the reasons which have resulted in the breaking off in diplomatic relations between France and Austria.

‘Having declared war on Serbia and having thus first taken the initiative in the hostilities in Europe, the Austro-Hungarian government, without any provocation from the government of the French Republic, placed itself in a state of war with France.’ 

Following this the British government felt obliged to announce that a state of war exists between Britain and Austria from midnight tonight.

Austrian ambassador Count Albert Mensdorff-Pouilly has been seen leaving his office since the announcement.

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