George Bernard Shaw discusses Home Rule crisis
George Bernard Shaw's connection with the New Statesman journal is well-known Photo: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.20540 USA

George Bernard Shaw discusses Home Rule crisis

Published: 14 March 1914

George Bernard Shaw has written an article which appeared in today’s New Statesman titled ‘Wake up, Ulster!’ In the article he discusses the Home Rule situation, aiming the piece at Sir Edward Carson.

He writes: ‘All that can be said of or to Sir Edward Carson and Mr Bonar Law is that they have been and gone and done it. They have engaged in a tug of war without remembering that the most effective move in that game is not the enemy’s strongest pull but his adroitest let go.’ He claims that the men are now cut off from Ulster as completely as they are cut off from Waterford.

He finishes the article by saying, ‘The sooner sensible Ulstermen realise the pit which has been digged for them by the silly fanatics who are too busy chalking up ‘No Surrender’ and 'To hell with the Pope' on the walls of Derry to notice how English statesmen, to whom Ulster is merely a nuisance, are disposing of their destinies for generations to come, the better for the Protestant North all over the world.’

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