Asquith calls on more men for war
Platform & crowd in the auditorium for the great recruiting meeting in the Guildhall, London. It was addressed by Asquith and the chiefs of both political parties. Photo: Irish Life, 11 September 1914. Full collection of Irish Life available in the National Library of Ireland.

Asquith calls on more men for war

Published: 10 September 1914

Prime Minister Asquith stated in the House of Commons today that the country is rallying splendidly to the Government’s call for men but more men will be required as the war continues. He said, 'If the war continues for several months, we shall have in the field, an army whose proportions would have staggered the victor of Waterloo.'

On the eve of the war the military forces of the Crown was about 400,000 men. After war had been declared the House of Commons voted an addition of 500,000 men and within the next month the recruits to the army numbered 438,000. 

Mr Asquith has stated that more men will be needed and the House of Commons have passed a vote for another 500,000 men for this reason. Satisfactory as the country’s response has been, Mr Asquith does not believe that the state can yet afford to relax its recruiting efforts.

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