60 British casualties in first naval battle
Sinking of the German cruiser Mainz as seen from a British navy ship Photo: The New York Times Current History of the European War Volume 2. p. 884. Retrieved from The Internet Archive (www.archive.org)

60 British casualties in first naval battle

Published: 31 August 1914

Two British Naval officers and 27 crew members of have been killed in a battle off the coast Heligoland. 33 men were also wounded in the incident. The men were from HMS's Arethusa, Liberty and Laural.

A semi-official report has come from Berlin regarding the battle reporting the loss of German cruisers Cöln, Ariadne, Mainz and one torpedo were sunk by the British navy.

A sketch from an officer present at the battle depicting the destroyer flotilla destroying a German cruiser. (Image: Illustrated London News [London, England], 5 September 1914)

The combat is said to have lasted eight hours during heavy fog.

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