42 of 600 Dublin Fusiliers return home
The scene in Dublin a month earlier when troops were preparing to leave for war. Photo: Irish Life, 14 August 1914. Full collection of Irish Life available in the National Library of Ireland.

42 of 600 Dublin Fusiliers return home

Published: 11 September 1914

A war-worn band of 42 men of the Dublin Fusiliers arrived in Naas today, men who a month ago received an enthusiastic send-off in Dublin.

Questioned by friends of their absent comrades, the replies of the men were subdued and a great gloom seemed to overshadow them. All were unanimous in their description of the frightful happenings at Mons, where they were cut off and surrounded on all sides, and they were told it was every man for himself. 

The 42 men who returned today, with the exception of a number of wounded in Netley and perhaps a few others, are all that are left of the 600 who marched away shouting for home rule and singing ‘A Nation Once Again’ a month ago.

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