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Women’s Day of protest planned for 9 June
A portrait of Alice Stopford Green by Kate McCausland. Ms Stopford Green chaired the meeting of the Women's Day Committee at the Mansion House yesterday Photo: 'Cassell's Universal Portrait Gallery' (1895). Via the Internet Archive.

Women’s Day of protest planned for 9 June

Dublin, 1 June 1918 - A nationwide anti-conscription demonstration by women has been scheduled for 9 June, the Feast of the St Columcille.

The date was set at a meeting of a Women’s Day Committee held at Dublin’s Mansion House yesterday which was presided over by Alice Stopford Green.

The committee hope that the women of Ireland will demonstrate their appreciation of the gravity of the occasion by turning out in every parish and by signing a pledge in opposition to conscription. Following the signing of the pledge, the women are recommended to form a procession to a church or place of pilgrimage, or a local memorial of national history.

They are also asked to take part in a floral demonstration, with every woman bringing a flower and every organisation carrying a wreath or cross or another symbol to decorate the place of signing or prayer.

To encourage their involvement, a circular, supplied by Agnes O’Farrelly, has been issued to ‘To the Women of Ireland’ urging that they unite in ‘celebrating one solemn day of devotion and intercession when the whole will and wish of Irish womanhood may be set towards the restoration of freedom and justice in our country. With this intention a group of Irish women brought before the Mansion House Conference the suggestion of a Woman’s Day.’

The suggestion was unanimously supported by the Conference and was subsequently accepted by a representative meeting of women’s societies.

The general committee organising ‘Lá na mBan’ comprises the following societies – Cumann na mBan, Irish Women’s Franchise League, the Drapers’ Assistants, Shirtmakers’, Tailoresses’, the Irish Women Workers’ Union, International League, Catholic Voters, Brushmakers, Geanna Fiadhaine – and the following individuals Rachel Dix, Mabel McConnell Fitzgerald, Louie Bennett, Helen Laird, Nancy O’Rahilly, and Una Gordon.

Together with Alice Stopford Green and Agnes O’Farrelly, all are signatories of the circular that has been issued.

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