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Who owned the cat that was shot?

Published: 13 June 1913

A Cavan man has brought a claim for £2 against a neighbour who shot his cat and left it hanging on his hedge.

Belturbet Petty Sessions heard this week that local man, John Howe, from Red Bog, was looking for compensation from James Tallon, Common Gate. He alleged that Mr. Tallon shot the cat on the request of a third nieghbour, Letitia Gould. Mr. Tallon told the court that Ms. Gould had told him she would have his cat shot and on the afternoon of  21 May, when he came home to his dinner, the cat was lame. Later that evening, when he returned from work, the cat was hanging dead from a bush.

Ms. Gould told the court that the cat was rightfully hers as it had previously belonged to a fourth neighbor, George Lovett, who had died: ‘I attended Lovett during his illness and I was best entitled to the cat. I was glad she was shot, as I was afraid she would eat my chickens.’

Mr. Howe had earlier claimed that the cat was his as he had given it to George Lovett when it was a kitten but its ownership had reverted to him when Mr. Lovett had died. The Resident Magistrate, W. O’Reilly, ruled that the issue of ownership was unclear and that the cat had no monetary value. Accordingly, the case was dismissed.


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