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White gloves presented to magistrate in Queen’s County

Published: 14 July 1913

A pair of white gloves was presented to Mr. Justice Moloney at the opening of the Assizes in Maryborough, Queen’s County last week by the High Sheriff, Capt. Kemmis.

The gloves were presented to mark the fact that there was no criminal business before the court. Mr. Justice Molony said that it was a very great pleasure to receive his first ever pair of white gloves and that he was happy to say that the county was in a state of peace, order and prosperity: 'There is no boycotting, no intimidation, no cattle-driving. There is nothing whatever to disturb the maintenance of law and order.'

A similar presentation was made to Mr Justice Kenny at the opening of the Co Donegal Assizes. He remarked that the currents state of affairs was reflective of a marked improvement from the same period last year and that they had cause to be very proud of their county.


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