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War in Europe costs Britain £3.5 million per day
Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 7 Feb 1914

War in Europe costs Britain £3.5 million per day

London, 16 September 1915 - The average daily cost of war to the British Exchequer has climbed to £3.5 million.

This cost has risen from a daily average of £2.2 million before the summer. The total amount of money voted for spending of the war since its commencement now stands at some £1.25 billion. The great bulk of spending is accounted for by the navy and the army, but other money has also been advanced to Britain’s allies.

JP Morgan met with representatives from England and France (Image: Library of Congress)

Mission to the U.S.

The disclosure of the cost of war comes as reports of an Anglo-French financial mission to the United States reveal meetings leading financiers like banker Mr. J.P. Morgan.

The mission was established at a conference of the French and British ministers at Boulogne in recent weeks. This development is unprecedented as Britain has never before sought financial help from outside.

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