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Trinity students enlist in British army
J.P. Mahaffy, Vice-Provost of Trinity College Dublin, emphasises that institution's commitment to the war effort Photo: National Library of Ireland, KE 194

Trinity students enlist in British army

Published: 26 September 1914

Responding to the publicity given to the students of Oxford and Cambridge universities who have enlisted in the British army, the Vice-Provost of Trinity College Dublin, J.P. Mahaffy, has stressed the commitment of his own institution to the war effort.

In a letter published in yesterday's Irish Times  Prof. Mahaffy stated that more than 457 of Trinity’s 1,070 male students have already applied for commissions in the army. A further corps of graduates of the college has also been established and amounts to more than 150 men. Finally, College Park and the dining-hall have been put at the disposal of the British army who have set up a camp on the grounds.

Prof. Mahaffy concluded: ‘So far as we can speak for the loyalty of Ireland we are speaking with no uncertain sound.’


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