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Threat to the publication of newspapers

Published: 5 September 1914

The radical newspaper Sinn Féin has issued an appeal to its readers to order their newspapers in advance in order to allow the paper to conserve its stock of paper:

‘Owing to the vastly increased cost of paper and the probable failure of supply in the near future, it is necessary, in order to guarantee the publication of Sinn Féin during an extremely difficult period, that we conserve our stock of paper as far as possible. If our readers wish to avoid disappointment they are urged to go to their newsagent and order their copies in advance. We will endeavour to facilitate the newsagents in supplying their customers and for this purpose we invite them to write to us. It is vital to Ireland at the present juncture that Sinn Féin should be in the hands of every Irishman and woman. In the event of the effects of the present European war continuing for any lengthened period we must have the assistance of our general readers, subscribers and the general public to that end.’


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