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The ‘most dangerous’ sport in the world
Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 7 June 1914

The ‘most dangerous’ sport in the world

Published: 21 May 1913

The newest sporting craze to cross the Atlantic is polo played with armoured motor cars. The sedate old game played on horse-back has been reinvented and is now played by men driving specially-built cars with powerful engines that are ringed with steel. The new sport comes to London next week, with three matches organised between teams that are currently sailing over from America.

The sport of motor-polo as portrayed in the pages of the British satirical magazine, Punch, May 1913

An American entrepreneur, R.C. Klegin, is behind the venture and says that motor polo is the most dangerous pastime yet invented. ‘It is just the most thrilling spectacle you can imagine. Do we often have smashes? A good game is a series of smashes. Think of two cars rushing at each other from opposite ends of an 800-yard ground to reach the ball. When they meet over the ball, I think you may say that there is a kind of upset!’ said Mr. Klegin.


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