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Strike News - September 3rd 1913: How the day unfolded

Published: 3 September 1916

Below is a real-time summary of the events in relation to the strike action in Dublin on the 3rd September.

4pm: James Larkin appears in court. Large crowd, including a number of MPs in attendance. Police evidence dominates proceedings. Larkin remanded in custody.

6pm: It is reported that 400 of the leading employers in Dublin have met. The meeting was chaired by William Murphy and adopted a resolution that asserted that the ITGWU was a menace, and that none of the employers would hire or keep in their employment members of that union. If the employers pursue this line it will result in a lock out of workers across the city.

10pm: Thousands of strikers and their supporters have attended a meeting this evening at Beresford Place. Those gathered were addressed by Mr McPartland, President of the Dublin Trades’ Council who stated that the workers were not frightened by the employers' threats of a lock out.


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