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Strike News - August 31st 1913: How the day unfolded

Published: 31 August 1913

Below is a real-time summary of the events in relation to the strike action in Dublin on the 31st August.

9am: James Nolan, the man who was involved in a serious altercation with the police last night, has reportedly died from his injuries at Jervis Street Hospital.

11am: Large crowds gathering in city centre. Huge police presence in and around O’Connell Street to enforce proclamation banning demonstration. No sightings of James Larkin.

1.30pm: James Larkin has appeared on a balcony of the Imperial Hotel. Reports suggest that he had been disguised as an elderly gentleman to avoid detection and arrest.

2pm: Superintendent Murphy and a body of police have reportedly rushed the Imperial Hotel and arrested James Larkin. A crowd subsequently gathered outside the hotel and cheered Larkin. It appears that the police have baton charged protestors in an attempt to clear the area.

3pm: Large crowds are still gathered in the O’Connell Street area, and the scene is described as violent. A group of people, numbered at around thirty, are hemmed in by police at the junction of Prince's Street and O’Connell Street. It is said that they are being batoned by the police and a number of serious injuries have been sustained.

6pm: Disorder has spread to many parts of Dublin, and police are involved in regular clashes with demonstrators. Serious rioting has broken out in Inchicore, where trams have come under attack. Although police have attempted to clear the streets with a number of baton charges, they have now called for the support of the army. The West Kent Regiment, currently stationed at Richmond Barracks, have been sent to Inchicore to restore order.

10pm: There are still reports of widespread disorder across the city, and violent scenes were witnessed earlier on Parkgate Street, Camden Street, George’s Street and Queen Street. It is estimated that as many as 300 people have been injured in clashes with the police.


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