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Strike News - August 30th 1913: How the day unfolded

Published: 30 August 1913

Below is a real-time summary of the events in relation to the strike action in Dublin on the 30th August.

12pm: It is reported that the Jacobs Biscuit Factory has been closed by its owners. It appears that a number of workers refused to handle a load of flour from Shackleton and Sons of Lucan, which has locked out its Union employees, and as a result the owners have decided to close with immediate effect. This is one of the largest lockouts by an employer in the current round of industrial disruption.

2pm: A warrant has been issued for the arrest of James Larkin in light of what the police have deemed his seditious act last night when he burnt the proclamation banning Sunday’s proposed demonstration. At present the authorities cannot locate Larkin.

6pm: It is reported that trams carrying supporters to the Shelbourne football match came under attack this afternoon. Police responded in great numbers, and a number of licensed premises and other businesses in the area have closed their doors. A number of ambulances have been in attendance and eyewitnesses have stated that a large number of injured persons have been taken to hospital.

8pm: Clashes have been reported in the areas around College Street and Liberty Hall. Large numbers of police are on the streets.

10pm: Rioting reported on O’Connell Street and on surrounding Quays. Reports of violent scenes in Abbey Street and Talbot Street. Additional police have been brought to the city centre from outlying areas. There are reports of injuries following a number of baton charges by police.

11pm: It has been reported that a man, named as James Nolan, has been severely injured tonight in the city centre disturbances. It is said that a police patrol was walking the area and that they attacked Nolan. It is not believed that Nolan has any involvement in the current strike, but rather that he was an innocent bystander. It is believed that Nolan was struck a number of times by the police, even as he lay on the ground.


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