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Strike News - August 28th 1913: How the day unfolded

Published: 28 August 1913

Below is a real-time summary of the events in relation to the strike action in Dublin on the 28th August.

8am: Tram Company reports a normal service in operation. Rumours are circulating in the city that the strike may spread to other sectors, with the Shipping Federation apparently considering the advisability of declaring a general lockout.

10am: Strike Leaders Arrested. Prominent leaders of the ongoing tram strike have been arrested. Early this morning Messrs J Larkin, PT Daly, W Partridge, W O’Brien and Mr T Lawlor were arrested at addresses across the city by detectives of the Dublin Metropolitan Police.

3pm: It is reported that the tram service on the following lines has been abandoned for the day: the Kingsbridge service on the Northern Quays, and the Inchicore service from College Green. The Southern Quays service to Kingsbridge has just reopened. Five cars will run on that service for the remainder of the day, and all will run with police protection.

4pm: The Union leaders arrested this morning have appeared before Mr Swifte, KC, and charged with seditious libel and returned for trial. The accused were allowed out on bail

10pm: James Larkin and other Union leaders who were arrested and charged today, have appeared at a public meeting at Liberty Hall. Larkin has reiterated his commitment to a mass demonstration on Sunday, and implored the crowd to join him there ‘in defiance of the police and their hired assassins’. Shortly after the meeting concluded clashes were reported between the police and a crowd that had marched from the direction of Liberty Hall. The crowd were rushed by the police, forcing them across O’Connell Bridge and down Bachelor’s Walk. It is reported that fighting took place along the Quays, and that the police engaged the crowds with drawn batons. The crowds are now reported to have dispersed.


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