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Strike News - August 27th 1913: How the day unfolded

Published: 27 August 1913

Below is a real-time summary of the events in relation to the strike action in Dublin on the 27th August.

8am: The Dublin United Tramways Company has announced that twenty additional trams are running this morning, and that a full schedule is functioning normally across the city. Some workers have reportedly joined the strike this morning, but their places have been taken on the trams by men who have been on the company’s books for a number of months and have been trained as motormen or conductors.

11am: Strikers leave Liberty Hall, marching through Sackville Street in the direction of Great Britain Street. It is reported that pickets have been active.

4pm: It is reported that trams have been attacked in different parts of the city. A tram car on Arran Quay has had its windows smashed, while on the same line an attempt was made by a crowd of strikers to wrest a driving lever from one working motorman. That line was subsequently closed until police protection was afforded to ensure a normal service could resume. The Inchicore-Westland Row service was also halted for a while after missiles were thrown at the trams. One man, reported to be a striking fitter from the Tramway company, has been arrested.

6.30pm: All trams in the city have been withdrawn from service for the evening. It is reported that a procession of strikers and their supporters, planned by the Union, has been banned by the Police. Although the Union appeared to agree to respect the ban, Mr Larkin has now stated that the march will take place, along with a monster demonstration on O’Connell Street on Sunday. It is also reported that Union members working in the Tramways power house at Ringsend have also joined the strike.


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