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Strike News - August 26th 1913: How the day unfolded

Published: 26 August 1913

At twenty to ten this morning, 200 employees of the Dublin United Tramways Company declared a strike. Below is a real-time summary of the events that occured.

9.40am:  It is reported that 200 employees of the Dublin United Tramways Company have declared a strike. At 10am, members of the Irish Transport Union, mainly conductors and motormen, stop their trams at Nelson’s Pillar. They then proceed to the Company Offices where they hand in their tickets, cash boxes and the tram driving handles. Traffic in the area quickly comes to a standstill, and crowds gather. Strikers have been arrested and charged with causing an obstruction.

Mounted police are called to clear the area surrounding Nelson’s Pillar. A large contingent of police on foot patrol are also in evidence. It appears that as many as seventy tram cars were abandoned by strikers. It is reported that the Tramway Company has brought men from across the city to clear the abandoned trams.

12pm: The Dublin United Tramways Company claims that it has cleared all the trams that were abandoned by strikers, and that the service is now running normally.

2pm: The Dublin United Tramways Company has announced that no trams will run after dark this evening. They claim they are maintaining a service every seven minutes to Ballsbridge to allow people to attend the Horse Show.

Company claims only 160 men on strike, but an official at the Transport Union has stated that 800 men have ceased work.

8pm: Strikers gather at Customs House. James Larkin and other speakers address a large gathering of striking tram workers and their supporters at the rear of the Customs House. Mr O’Brien tells the crowd that if the tramway men show the same determination in the coming days, as they had shown today, they would break the Tramway Company to smithereens. The fight was not one that only affected tram men but trade unionists across Ireland, and every trade unionist should take up the challenge.

10pm: Dublin is reported as peaceful this evening and the crowd gathered for the strikers' meeting has dispersed in good order. A heavy police presence on the streets of the city has been noted. The army has been confined to barracks but have been ordered by the civil authorities to stand in readiness.


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