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Sensational tale from King’s County

Published: 25 July 1913

Magistrates in King’s County acquitted two men charged with gagging and robbing an elderly shopkeeper in Pullough last week.

Patrick Moore told the court that he had just finished saying his prayers early in the morning and had put his head through his shop door when he was assaulted: ‘I was caught by the neck by one man who used his two hands. A second man came to the assistance of the first man. They tried to choke me.’

The shopkeeper continued: ‘I struggled with them. They dragged me towards the canal, having a hold of me by the neck. When I thought I was about to die, I said: 'Jesus, Mary and Holy St. Joseph assist me.'’

He then told the court: ‘They flung me to the ground, tied my two legs at the ankles with a rope and bandaged my two arms also with a rope. They tied a handkerchief about my neck and around my mouth.’

‘I thought they were going to cut my throat. I said, 'If you let me go there is £2 in the house, and I will give one to each of you. If ye kill me ye will be hanged and my curse will be upon ye.'’

According to Mr. Moore, the men retrieved the money from the house and then left.

The magistrate, Mr. Briody, said that he could not convict the prisoners – Messrs. Daly and Guinan – on an uncorroborated story. The verdict was greeted with hearty congratulations from the defendants' many supporters present.


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