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Ruins of Dublin to be rebuilt
Some of the buildings on Henry Street, including the Coliseum Theatre, which were destroyed by fire as a result of the Easter Rising. Photo: National Museum of Ireland

Ruins of Dublin to be rebuilt

Westminster, 11 January 1917 - The British Government has confirmed that it intends to offer full compensation to people whose property was damaged during Easter week, 1916

Rumours had recently gathered momentum to the effect that the government intended to walk away from commitments previously issued in terms of reparations for damages. This is despite of the recommendations of the committee appointed to advise the Lord Lieutenant that full compensation be offered.

A compensation claim for property losses during the rebellion during Easter week 1916 (Image: National Archives of Ireland, CSO RP 1916 11523)

The delay was caused, in part, by the ‘want of generosity’ on the part of the Treasure - a common theme in that department’s dealings with Irish affairs. The Irish Independent credits the LL, Mr Duke, with overcoming this particular obstacle.

Despite the improved state of affairs, there will undoubtedly be those who remain unhappy with their compensation. However, the Independent suggests this might be their own fault for not providing sufficient evidence of loss before the assessors.

[Editor's note: This is an article from Century Ireland, a fortnightly online newspaper, written from the perspective of a journalist 100 years ago, based on news reports of the time.]


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