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Postal boxes attacked by Suffragettes in Dublin
'When she gets it, what will she do with it?'. Cartoon from The Lepracaun commenting on the suffragettes campaign for the vote. Photo: The Lepracaun Cartoon Weekly, National Archives of Ireland, CSO RP 1914/7527

Postal boxes attacked by Suffragettes in Dublin

Published: 17 December 1913

Last evening, in the hours between 6pm and 7pm, militant suffragettes in Dublin went on a destructive spree attacking pillar post boxes and destroyed hundreds of letters, including a considerable number of Christmas packages, cards and letters.

This was a well-planned and well-executed effort. The damage was not concentrated in any one location but spread across the city and suburbs. However, the south-side suffered particularly badly: when the collection was undertaken at the pillar postal box at the corner of Nassau Street and Dawson Street, it was found that practically all the letters had been destroyed beyond repair by a corrosive fluid.

The Dublin Metropolitan Police responded almost immediately by dispatching detectives and plain clothes constables to the various centres where the offences took place. Given the widespread nature of the activity, there is little confidence that the culprits will be brought to justice.


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