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Plans for the reconstruction of Dublin postponed
Drawing included in an architect's application to be involved in the committee to rebuild Dublin after the Rising Photo: National Archives of Ireland, CSO RP 1916 9228 2

Plans for the reconstruction of Dublin postponed

Westminster, 10 August 1916 - The Dublin Reconstruction Bill which was supposed to be passed by the House of Commons in London yesterday was withdrawn after a lengthy discussion.

The Bill was opposed by Sir Edward Carson, who said that there had been inappropriate consideration of the fact that new powers were being conferred on Dublin Corporation and that not enough detail had been provided in respect of the compensation for property owners. He told the House that he had received a petition from influential businessmen in Dublin expressing their concern.

The Bill is to be considered again next week.

Left: Letter from Galway County Council to the Undersecretary at Dublin Castle outlining the claims for compensation in the county in the wake of the Rising. Click to enlarge. Right: Letter from the Dublin Watch Committee expressing their hope that the issue of the Dublin slums will be be eradicated as the city is rebuilt. Click to enlarge. (Images: National Archives of Ireland, CSO RP 1916)

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