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Peace Conference prepares to meet in Paris
The small nations of the world clamouring around 'Papa' Wilson. He promises each of them they will become a great power. This is how Austrian newspaper 'Wiener Caricaturen' predicted the Paris Peace Conference would unfold Photo: Wiener Caricaturen, 20 Nov 1918, ANNO/Austrian National Library

Peace Conference prepares to meet in Paris

Paris, 14 January 1919 - Preparations are underway for the commencement of the Paris peace talks later this month. Today, the Prime Ministers of Great Britain, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Newfoundland depart London for the French capital where they will begin preliminary conversations with the leaders of the Allies and associated states.

According to a telegram from Paris, the delegations to the Conference will be organised as follows: the United States, Britain, France, Italy and Japan will be entitled to 5 delegates each; Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, China and Brazil will be accorded 3 delegates each, while the Czecho-Slovak Republic and Poland will be represented by 2 delegates each.

In addition, those states which broke off relations with the defeated German Empire but took no effective part in the war will be entitled to a single delegate each.

The conference will need to address the issue of the renewal of the armistice with Germany, and is also certain to discuss the creation of a League of Nations which could constitute a practical basis for the maintenance of peace in the coming years.

The League was proposed by US President Woodrow Wilson, and it is understood that the majority of the Allied powers are in favour of its establishment.

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