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Pageant opens nursing conference
The Royal College of Physicians in Dublin, where a major Nursing Conference has just opened Photo: National Library of Ireland, STP 1253

Pageant opens nursing conference

Published: 4 June 1913

A blast of trumpets in the principal hall of the Royal College of Surgeons announced the beginning of a dramatic pageant to celebrate the opening of the first ever Nursing Conference to be held in Ireland.

Nurses from Scotland and England, as well as a range of distinguished guests, were treated to Irish nurses performing as characters representing Devotion, Compassion, Gentleness, Patience and Truth.

A quartet led by Mr. Clarke-Barry provided the musical backdrop and the pageant ended with a parade of Irish nurses led by a herald.

The conference is being organised by the Irish Nurses' Association in connection with the National Council of Trained Nurses of Great Britain and Ireland and will be held in the Royal College of Physicians on Kildare Street. In the coming days, discussion will centre on how the training of nurses is advancing in line with rapid developments in surgery and medicine over the last twenty years.

It is acknowledged by all that some grave defects exist in current training practices and the conference will consider ways to resolve these.


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