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Object: Proclamation in St Stephen’s Green
Photo: National Library of Ireland

Object: Proclamation in St Stephen’s Green

National Library of Ireland

Object title: Photograph taken on St. Stephen's Green, on Easter Monday, 1916, showing Dr. Edmund J. McWeeney interested in the Proclamation

Physical Characteristics: Black & white print, measuring 16x12cm

Object Description: The photograph was taken by Fr. Sherwin, C.C and shows Dr. Edmund J. McWeeney reading the 1916 Proclamation on Easter Monday, 24th April 1916. The Proclamation was posted on the railings of his home at 86 St. Stephen’s Green.

How is the object associated with the Easter Rising 1916 and in what way does it make a unique contribution to our understanding of the event?
Many Dubliners would have been very surprised by the appearance of the Proclamation across the city on Easter Monday morning. The Proclamation was a key document in the Easter Rising and this is a rare image of a contemporary interaction with the document.

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