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More Irish killed in German torpedo attacks
The SS Innisfallen Photo: Cork Examiner, 8 June 1918

More Irish killed in German torpedo attacks

Cork, 8 June 1918 - The Cork steamer, the SS Innisfallen, has been sunk after being torpedoed by a German submarine off the east coast of Ireland.

The attack took place in late May during daylight hours and the Innisfallen, carrying a general cargo, was sunk in four to five minutes. The sole passenger on board at the time is believed to have drowned, while 10 of a crew of 32 are unaccounted for. There are three Irishmen among the missing.

This is the latest of a number of the Cork Steamship Company’s vessels to have been sunk since the outbreak of the war.

Fishing boat sunk
The loss of the SS Inisfallen is not the only war-related shipping disaster in Irish waters in recent weeks. The Galway-based fishing vessel, the Pretty Polly, was also sunk by a German submarine after it left Roundstone Bay in Connemara on the last day of May.

Roundstone Bay, Galway, from where Pretty Polly departed before being sunk by a German torpedo (Image: New York Public Library)

The crew of seven men are missing.

At a meeting in Roundstone, the local parish priest, Rev. M. Donnellan, denounced the German action in sinking the unprotected vessel and a telegram was sent to the Chief Secretary in Dublin demanding both that an investigation be held and that the government provide the necessary protection to the fishing fleet for the remainder of the season.

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