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More industrial tension on the Dublin docks
A loading wharf on the Liffey. Work on the docks has recently been affected by renewed strikes by dock workers Photo: 'Ireland in Pictures', John F. Finnery. Joseph McGarrity Collection. Digital Library@Villanova University.

More industrial tension on the Dublin docks

Dublin, 31 January 1916 - Fears are growing that the ongoing dockers’ strike in Dublin could spread around the port and signal renewed industrial strife across the city.

Around the port, workers have applied for increased wages. Their claims have been rejected so far by employers who argue that the sought increase would destroy their margin of profit.

As a result of this industrial action, the Duke Shipping Company has suspended all of its sailings to and from Dublin, while the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company has suspended part of its services.

[Editor's note: This is an article from Century Ireland, a fortnightly online newspaper, written from the perspective of a journalist 100 years ago, based on news reports of the time.]


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