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Modern day Joan of Arc discovered in France
Drawing of Joan of Arc by Jean Veber from 1914 Photo: Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Estampes et photographie, FOL-EF-490 (2)

Modern day Joan of Arc discovered in France

Cholet, 10 March 1917 - Mlle. Perchoud, a 20 year old farmer’s daughter from France is thought to be the modern day Joan of Arc.

Mlle. Perchoud, who lives in Puy Saint Bonnet, near Cholet, claims that she heard divine voices calling on her to take part in the struggle to free France from her enemy, according to a reporter from the Daily Express.

Since youth she has been most pious, and has attended a chapel near her home every day. Recently, she says, while she was walking across a field between the farm and the chapel, the Sacred Heart appeared to her, and a mysterious voice ordered her to deliver France. She told her parents who forbade her to mention the subject to anyone.

Mlle. Perchoud obeyed her parents, but she built a small altar in the field where she heard the voice. Her story became known, and hundreds from the neighbourhood came each Sunday to pray before the altar, bringing with them photographs from family members fighting at the front.

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