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Man fined for organising cockfight

Published: 6 August 1913

Thomas Whelan was fined one guinea yesterday for organising a cockfight on the 6th June at Camla, Co. Monaghan. Head Constable Foster told the court in Monaghan Town that he had arrived in Camla at a garden owned by Lord Rossmore. The garden was surrounded by a high wall and the entrances had been barricaded.

Constable Foster proceeded to climb a tree and observed 400 or 500 people forming a ring in which two birds were fighting. He told the court that he could hear the birds clashing.

Working with other constables, he succeeded in breaking through the door using a pole, at which point the crowd scattered in all directions.

A local man, Henry McFadden, said that he was in the garden on that evening but that there was no cockfight, rather there was a toss-pit where men were tossing half-pennies.

The court was told that the crowd was present without the permission of Lord Rossmore and the magistrates duly found Thomas Whelan of Glasdrummond guilty. Police told the court that they had not had sufficient numbers present to arrest all the ringleaders.


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