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Kettle: Conscription will come if recruitment does not grow
With the British constant need for fresh troops, the issue of voluntary recruitment versus conscription was a recurring controversy in 1915 Photo: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

Kettle: Conscription will come if recruitment does not grow

Dublin, 3 August 1915 - At a recruiting drive in Dublin, Lieutenant Tom Kettle said that 12 months ago he had been in Belgium running rifles for the National Volunteers. Now, he said, he cared for liberty more than he cared for Ireland.

Dr Senia Paseta, University of Oxford, discusses the life and death of Tom Kettle

He thanked God that, in the midst of war, John Redmond had pledged the men of Ireland to fight and stated that unless young Irishmen came to help their comrades at the front, the state will be driven to make them go whether they liked it or not.

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