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Irish Party publishes address to President Wilson
President Woodrow Wilson Photo: Illustrated London News, 10 February 1917

Irish Party publishes address to President Wilson

Westminster, 11 November 1918 - The Irish Party has issued an appeal to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson to support the case for Irish self-determination.

The decision to appeal to America was taken at a meeting of Irish Party MPs held in Westminster earlier this week.

The meeting unanimously agreed that, given the present attitude of the British government towards Home Rule, an appeal to President Wilson to secure for Ireland the right of self-determination, as advocated by him for all small nations, was appropriate.

It was also decided to appeal to the ‘Irish Race in America’ to urge them to exert their influence with the U.S. Government in support of Ireland’s case.

The Irish Party’s appeal contains a number of passages from President Wilson’s various speeches over the course of the Great War. Included was the following excerpt in which President Wilson stated: ‘Shall the military power of any nation, or group of nations, be suffered to determine the fortunes of peoples over whom they have no right to rule except the right of force?’

The Irish Party appeal, signed by all its MPs, concludes by emphasising the historic ties between the two countries. ‘We appeal to you, sir, because in every hour of our history our race has stood by the flag of your nation, and your nation has never refused us its aid, its sympathy, and its accord with our national aspirations.’ 

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