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Sites of 1916: Galway
Athenry, Co. Galway - one of the focal points for activity outside Dublin Photo: National Library of Ireland, STP_1691

Sites of 1916: Galway

By Dr John Gibney

It is difficult to identify plans for the Rising outside Dublin with absolute certainty. Such plans as can be discerned were linked to the landing of weapons obtained from Germany that were to have been transported to Ireland on the Aud; when the weapons landed, they were to have been distributed along the western coast, in counties Cork, Kerry, Limerick, and Galway. As the Aud's cargo was never landed, this never happened. Yet while most of the fighting that took place during the Easter Rising was confined to Dublin, there was also a limited uprising in County Galway, led by Tom Kenny and Liam Mellows.

Galway City remained staunchly Redmondite during the Rising, but towns in east Galway such as Oranmore and Athenry became focal points for one of the few instances of Volunteer activity outside Dublin during Easter Week 1916.

Dr John Gibney explains the events in Galway during Easter week 1916. 


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