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Fund to help Irish nurses launched
The march past the nurses in the Iveagh Gardens, Dublin - Sir Arthur Stanley MP receiving the salute. Photo: Irish Life, 21 June 1918. Full collection available in the National Library of Ireland

Fund to help Irish nurses launched

Dublin, 14 June 1918 - A fund was launched yesterday at the Royal Dublin Society to benefit Irish nurses for their ‘loyal response’ in their country’s hour of need during the current war.

The principal speaker at the meeting was Sir Arthur Stanley MP, Chairman of the Joint War Committee of the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St John. In outlining the need for the fund, he praised the splendid heroism, bravery and dedication of the Irish nurses working at the front.

The organisers stated that they are not simply looking for large cheques to be written; rather, they wished for a contribution from all business firms and all classes throughout the country. In this way, they believe the target of £10,000 can be reached very quickly.

Speaking in support of the fund, the Irish Times argued that as a rule, ‘our Irish nurses are underpaid’ and their period of earning begins late and ends early due to the duration of the training required and the heavy physical toll the profession takes.

‘The object of the tribute’ is therefore to ‘make provision for the declining years of our Irish certificated nurses, to increase the comforts of their working careers, and to assist them in times of sickness and unemployment’.

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