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Famous painting mutilated by suffragette
The damage done to the painting can be seen right across the body of the figure depicting Venus Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 14 March 1914

Famous painting mutilated by suffragette

London, 10 March 1914 - The famous Rokeby Venus by Velasquez the value of which is estimated at £45,000 was slashed and irreparably damaged in the National Gallery, London this morning. The perpetrator it is alleged, is Miss Mary Richardson, the well-known suffragette who later in the day was brought up at Bow Street and committed for trial, bail being refused.

The accused entered the gallery at about 10.30am. Half an hour later she was seen to produce a hatchet from her clothing and after breaking the glass in the picture frame, began slashing the famous canvas. Five or six deep dents were made in the picture transversely across the back of the figure of Venus.

Mr James Turner, Keeper of the National Gallery said there were seven distinct injuries to the picture in the most important part of the work.

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