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English literary filth

Published: 8 June 1913

The Dublin Vigilance Committee will hold a demonstration against the sale and distribution of what it describes as ‘putrid literature’ in Ireland. The event will consist of a procession through the streets of Dublin and will conclude with a public meeting at the Mansion House.

The Committee should be viewed as part of a movement that has been gathering pace in the country over the last two years. Its supporters have described the demonstration, as ‘a solemn public act of religion’.

The Vigilance movement has come in for criticism from opponents who have condemned it as ignorant and illiterate; one Dublin newspaper also claims that there have been attacks on the premises of a publisher, although this has been denied.

Supporters of the Committee say that the procession is designed to raise consciousness about the ‘the deadly poison that is infiltrating’ Ireland from England: ‘Today we hear a cry of just indignation because poor people in Connemara are victims of fever and bad sanitation. Yet a worse plague with eternal consequences is allowed to stride through the land like a hellish monster, distributing death-dealing contagion on every side. There is no dissembling the fact that Ireland is at the present time being douched in a cataract of English literary filth.’


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