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Election expected before end of year
An impression of the last UK general election from French magazine ‘L'Illustration’ Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 22 Jan 1910

Election expected before end of year

London, 5 July 1918 - A general election will be held before the year is out – most likely in November or December.

A new electoral register is being put together and is expected to be complete by October. This register will underline the extent of the democratic transformation that has taken place since the last time Irish and British voters went to the polls.

Under the new Representation of the People legislation, the electorate of the UK is likely to expand to nearly 20 million of which more than one-third will be women.

[Editor's note: This is an article from Century Ireland, a fortnightly online newspaper, written from the perspective of a journalist 100 years ago, based on news reports of the time.]


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