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Edward Carson joins cabinet after reshuffle
Sir Edward Carson, from the book 'Against home rule' (1912) by Simon Rosenbaum Photo: Internet Archive

Edward Carson joins cabinet after reshuffle

Westminster, 12 July 1917 - Sir Edward Carson, the Ulster Unionist leader, has joined the British cabinet.

Sir Edward moves from First Lord of the Admiralty to being a member of the war cabinet without portfolio. Another major cabinet change sees Winston Churchill appointed Minister for Munitions.

There has been a mixed response to the appointment of Carson. Referring to the decision, the Morning Chronicle said that the Admiralty would be glad to see Carson go, though ‘they will wonder why a man so unversed in war or statesmanship, and so inexperienced in international affairs, should be promoted to that innermost Ministerial sanctum where the daily control of our national policy is exercised.’ The Morning Chronicle is clear that it is the political pull of the Ulster unionist party that has secured this position for Carson.

By contrast, The Irish Times is keen to acknowledge Carson’s ‘qualities of intellect and character’, says he will surely make ‘a substantial contribution to the cause of victory’, and that there ‘could be no better selection’.

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