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Dublin trade last Christmas ‘broke all records’
Clerys, on Dublin's Sackville Street, after a successful Chritmas, has reported a large increase in profits in the post-Christmas sales. (Image: The Lepracaun: Cartoon Monthly. Joseph McGarrity Collection. Digital Library@Villanova University. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.)

Dublin trade last Christmas ‘broke all records’

Published: 1 February 1914

Despite the ongoing Dublin Lockout, shops in the city reported that daily sales were four-times higher than usual trade in the weeks before Christmas. This increase was noted in sales of perishable goods sold in grocery stores and also in sales of jewellery, gold, silver and plated goods. Sales in the drapery trade also exceeded expectations with Hickeys reporting the year as ‘the best we ever had.’ Similarly, representatives of Boyers and Arnotts said that trade was brisk in every one of their departments, ensuring that this was their best Christmas on record.

The post-Christmas sales period was also noted as being well ahead of expectations, with Clerys and Switzers both reporting large increases in sales.


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